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Ilha Grande


Have you ever wondered what it feels to live in an unspoiled natural environment disconnected from the modern technologies and boundaries? Ilha Grande is the answer. This little island, 150km away from Rio de Janeiro is remarkable for its pure beauty, its tropical beaches, its luxuriant vegetation and the rugged landscape. When you will arrive with the local ferries to Vila do Abraão, you will immediately fall in love with Ilha Grande. No technology, no cars, just simple and true life.

The authorities have created a complete network of trails throughout the island to connect the villages. Everything is reachable by foot and you will end up loving to wander in a pure nature whose fauna and flora are one of the richest and most protected. Parrots and monkeys will join you on the way.

In this piece of heaven, you will enjoy simple life: swimming in a crystal-clear water, resting on the most beautiful tropical beaches like Lopez Mendez; running or trekking throughout the island to reach the top of the Pico do Papagaio ; sailing to the beautiful Lagoa Azul to dive and swim with colorful tropical fishes and sea turtles; having a wonderful dinner in one of the 30 restaurants on the island. You will love to explore Ilha Grande, one of the last unspoiled piece of nature.


Local Bites

  1. Restaurante Pé na Areia

Have a great moment with tasty food, nice waiters, and an outdoor concert at sunset.

Where: Rua Da Praia, S/N

  1. Café do Mar

Share a moment around a BBQ with delicious grilled meal and perfect cocktails.

Where: Praia Canto

  1. Meros Creperia E Pizzaria

It may be surprising to find crepes on such an island but you’d better give a try.

Where: Rua Getulio Vargas 719

  1. Ponta da Barca

Have delightful seafood and a perfect cocktail before the sea front, and try to resist to the waters calling.

Where: Praia Vermelha

  1. Pousada Convés

Beautiful view, wonderful food and peaceful area. A perfect place for a perfect meal.

Where: Enseada Aracatiba



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